We dropped into Lerici yesterday Jan 14th and had a great bite to eat at al Cantere. It’s right on the piazza in the heart of the centre and is run by a family with a swarm or kids who made our girls feel right at home.  The food was great and price good.  We had pasta penne con scampi (seafood aka fresh sliced prawns) which was very al dente just how I like it.

Oratorio di San Rocco, Lerici

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The sauce was rich EVO oil, tomato and dash of chilli.

Pizza thin base crusty and tasty!!

Wine was rich local white frizzante… yum!

Above: La Cantere is just here on the right of pictures

Thanx for a great lunch and we will return!!!

Nick Garrett

Link:  team@alcantere.it  www.alcantere.it


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