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Faccini, for more than seventy years, still exists on the small square in front of Saint Anthony’s Church, the patron saint of animals. The saint of Faccini is celebrated every year on the evening of the 17th January with a large meal based on pork. This is just one of the many traditions celebrated thanks to the embedded presence of this restaurant, with a food shop next to it from where it is possible to buy to cold meats that Massimo personally selects and cures for perfect seasoning. His sisters Barbara and Paola take care of the dining room and the kitchen and represent the third generation of a host family, who make you feel at home when you are in their restaurant. True traditional Piacenza cuisine can be tasted in Faccini including hand made pasta by Paola and Barbara and their helpers. Thanks to the careful selection of the best producers in Piacenza by Massimo, it as also possible to drink good wine. In the summer a few tables in front of the restaurant allow a pleasurable evening to be enjoyed.
La sala ristoranteLa sala ristorante


Female hands manage the kitchen. First of all Mother Rosa, then those of Paola and Barbara, helped by ladies from the location. Expert hands that acknowledge with a simple touch the correct degree of softness of the dough for making typical pasta of Piacenza cuisine and eyes, which can distinguish the freshness of vegetables and meat that make up traditional main courses. Finally the right nutritional, composition and combining balance.
They are the main ingredients of the Faccini cuisine. Amongst the dishes: typical and traditional cold cuts from Piacenza, pasta filled with ricotta and spinach, pasta filled with pumpkin, pasta filled with prosciutto, small pasta soup, pappardelle with wild boar or hare, roast capicola, pheasant with mixed herbs, braised wild boar with cornmeal, chine of pork, grilled mushrooms (seasonal), home made cakes and spoon desserts and nocino (liqueur made from walnuts) and prunelle. 

Tortelli alla piacentinaFarona alla CretaPisarei e Fasö

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