On the way back from the supermarket today

People are so sick of the scandal that is going on here… the feel discredited. Decent people.

The way the UK press report Italy in general is to take a tarred brush…

Most of our tourists comment about just how genuine most Italian folks are and I must say that apart from the language barrier and a few communication differences most Italian people are extremely genuine, caring and warm.

A special place with special people.

They need to heal and restore dignity from this.

During WWII Italy was divided.  Whilst the German army was pushed out they suffered terribly.  The allies exploited opportunity and in particular the Moroccan forces killed and raped:  The Germans destroyed and plundered.  The US bombings killed thousands and demolished many wonderful architectural sites.  The people were ravaged by all: partisans, SS, fascists, mafia, the allies, war and starvation.

People I know today were once cowering under rocks in the Apennines or barrels of guns.  Some imprisoned in concentration camps… another held for 5 years after the war finished by my people, the British.

They are a nation still in recovery from this.

Living here I sense this and see it.

They will seize the moment… as if for survival at times.  There is deep rooted pain there.

But they pull together as families and small communities and wait for better times.  The act out of decency more than most.

This may come as a surprise but they are still waiting for something genuine and good.

In the meantime most live out the virtue of forgiveness.


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