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Nigella Lawson returns to The Book Show to flavour the programme with her own unique thang. In her new book Nigella explores the heart of her home – it is, of course damn it, the Kitchen (and not the bedroom!).

Watch a clip where Nigella talks about how someone who doesn’t cook can find their feet in the kitchen:
VIDEO Nigella gets it all out in the open…
Daughter of former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson (and how we remember Julian Carey’s fisting jibe as well as his interest rate hikes), Nigella (named by her Grandmother after her father – she must have been worse for wear eh) has been gracing our newspapers, televisions and bookstalls as a food writer, journalist and sexy with profile broadcaster for the past two decades. 

Once dubbed the ‘queen of food porn’ and there’s a couple of clearly apparent reasons why, Nigella’s coquettish presenting style is one she finds bemusing (yeh right!), as she tells us, her genuine love of food has always inspired her work – regardless of whether she leans over the camera with a loosely gathered silk pyjama kimono ansemble from time to time.

Fiercely intelligent (aren’t all hot BBC TV chicks?) Nigella earned her degree, and later an M.A., from Lady Margaret College, Oxford in Mediaeval and Modern Languages.  She went on to work as a book reviewer, becoming the deputy literary editor of The Sunday Times in 1986.

Raven haired she clearly has no blonde roots… unlike her father!

… enough, enjoy


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