Baptistry of Parma, 1196-1270.

About St Valentine

Historical archives talk of at least three different individuals known by the name of Saint Valentine and associated with Valentine’s Day celebration of February 14. Some scholars even talk of the presence of as many as seven Saint Valentine all of whom lived in the Third Century and apparently died on February 14. Discussed here are the legends of three saints who were all martyred for their faith and have been recognized by the Catholic Church. Some scholars say that these saints were not separate individuals and are likely to be one and the same. Since these saints lived during the reign of the same Roman emperor and are believed to have died on the same day, this assumption seems to have some validity.

Valentines Day in Italy

Romantic Festival of Valentine’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm in the beautiful country of Italy. Lovers take opportunity of the day to express love and affection for their beloved. Loads of Valentine’s Day gifts are exchanged and everyone enjoys the day to the hilt.

History of Valentine’s Day in Italy
Valentine’s Day was initially celebrated as a Spring Festival in Italy. Celebration for the day was held in the open air. Young people would gather in tree arbors or ornamental gardens and enjoy listening to music and reading of poetry. Later they would stroll off with their Valentine into the gardens. The custom steadily ceased over the course of years and has not been celebrated for centuries.

Parma, Italy


Parma Parma
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Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati “excellent location and beautiful building.”
everyone was so helpful, great recommendations on restaurants. lovely cafe on the ground floor. all the family… more
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House with character (Appennino Tosco-emiliano)
Rustic house completely renovated and tastefully furnished in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines…. more
Historic Residence Hotel in Parma Centre
Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati, is an historic residence situated on one of the most enchanting streets in Parma’s… more
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Trattoria del Tribunale “Very good and great prices”
Very good 3-dish meal for less than €25 a person= bargain Mixed hams are phenomenal, as well as the tagliatelle… more
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Parma Golosa Gourmet Tours “Deliciously Interesting!”
My husband and I went for a tour with Parma Golosa to a traditionaParmigiano Reggiano cheese factory… more
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