Fast Food Killing Women’s Libido Changing Food Habits Dampen Desire, say Italian Medics

Nov 23, 2009 Lee Anne Adendorff

Truffles are considered an expensive aphrodisiac – Lee AdendorffItalian gynaecologists have published a book to help women suffering from sexual performance anxiety.

Never mind slow food; women need more slow sexy food. That’s the word from the Italian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SIGO), who have launched a new book on women’s health titled “Food and Sex.” The book is a collection of 30 recipes designed to inspire desire and to combat the rising number of Italian women who doctors say are suffering from sexual performance anxiety.
Fast Food Killing LibidoThe Mediterranean diet is often hailed as one of the healthiest in the world, with its high proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables and low saturated fats, and it remains the basis of Italian cuisine. Yet lifestyle changes have also brought about significant dietary changes to Mediterranean women.
“The increased pace of life means women who are working in the cities don’t have time to prepare fresh food and they are eating more fast food. Many cultural aspects of food are being lost, with consequences for their sexual health and libido,” said SIGO President Dr. Giorgio Vittori.

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Top Erotic Foods

Alongside erotic legends like caviar (with zinc for sperm production), chili (for vascular dilation), chocolate and cocoa (with stimulants and anti-depressives pheniletilamine and theobromine), surprise entries in the recommended erotic foods index include asparagus, almonds, honey (recommended by the ancient Ayurvedica culture to newlyweds, hence the word “honey-moon”), avocado, saffron (stimulates erogenous zones) and cloves (one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs).

The banana also gets a mention thanks not only to its phallic shape but to its peel, which contains traces of an alkaloid called bufotenin, a powerful toxin usually found in toads that, according to some experts, can act as a relaxant in tiny doses.

Perfect Meal for Passion

“Pre-cooked or pre-packaged food and eating too quickly causes intense cerebral excitement,” said Professor Alessandra Graziottin, director of the Centre of Gynaecology at the San Raffaele Resnati Institute of Milan, “but it is paradoxically damaging to libido. In fact, it increases irritability. We need to pay attention not only to what we eat but how.”

And the perfect meal for a night of passion according to the “Food and Sex” authors? Crab and avocado “eat me” mousse, “butterflies in my stomach” pasta or “lovers’ risotto,” “intriguing escalopes” with shavings of truffle and chocolate “kisses” for dessert. Easy on the vino, however, and skip the post-coital cigarette. And whatever you do, go slowly.

Read more at Suite101: Fast Food Killing Women’s Libido: Changing Food Habits Dampen Desire, say Italian Medics


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