Parma G Info share: Things to do in our surrounds


Opening Saturday, May 14

11:00 am

Sunday, May 15 from 10:00 to 20:00

for children will be able to participate in



  • 11 am: ROSE in the salad
  • 16 hours: FLOWER TEXTURES

Free Saturday and Sunday € 5

Children aged 4 to 10 years, Capacity 25

you can please send an email to

Free admission

Do not miss it!

Temporary Palace Road to the Duomo, 7-43121 Parma
Tel +39 0521 1915805 –

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DESTINATION HUB:  PARMA, in the centre of it all!

We are an Hour from Cinque Terre and 2 hours from Venice and Florence exactly the reason 25% of our clients drive into Parma for one of our tours.
Most of our clients say just how good it is to escape the thronging crowds and actually spend a whole day relaxing here… it’s great to see clients unwind as the day goes on. For me it is actually what the day is all about – sharing, tuning into yourself and great healthy living.
It’s what we all need.
Travelling among the tourists of the world can be a stressful thing. Step out and into another world with us… Real Italy: rural, rustic and enriching.

Nick, Parma Golosa


Artist Signman Teacher

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