Welcome to the Official Website of the Park of Monte Fuso 
The Provincial Park of Monte Zone was established in 1972, thanks to the special commitment and interest of Dr.. Bruno Sassi, veterinary surgeon of the place and the Provincial Administration. The park is owned by the Province of Parma.

They are available to visitors: the visitor center and tourist information office, the bar restaurant, picnic area for campers, the children’s playground, picnic area with barbecue, the classroom, the room conferences and a service of electric scooters for disabled persons.

In the park there are over 100 ungulates: red deer, fallow deer and mouflon. You can also see some species of Galliformes and during visits, possible through an extensive network of paths, it is not difficult to find traces of squirrels, dormice, foxes, badgers and martens.

One of the key activities of the Park is the educational / environmental activities have been made itineraries and tours of environmental education to be offered to schools wishing to visit the park. These initiatives will be made more flexible with the classes of all levels, drawing on experts and park guides.


Spring 2011

Monday, April 25 
double event for lovers of nature walks: 

10 am – Photo Tour 
the tracks of deer 

15 hours – Sightseeing 
the park for families with children 

* * *

Open every weekend and holidays


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