I testaroli
 … I testaroli
Testaroli is the typical recipe of the  “noble” farmers of Lunigiana, because I am a very simple dish made ​​of flour, water and basilico.Ingredienti: 600 grams of wheat flour, half a liter of water, sale.Con water, flour salt and prepare a fairly smooth batter. You heat the basic form (text metal or terracotta) and pours a bit ‘of batter, evenly on the bottom, up to about half a centimeter thick. You put the cover on and complete the cooking: 8 to 9 minutes. Once cooked, the disc is cut into diamonds or squares (4 or 5 cm) that you put on, for a few minutes in boiling hot water with pinch of rock salt –  off the flame though.
Testaroli pesto to prepare the pesto, washed and dried two bunches of fresh basil and crushed the leaves with two tablespoons pine nuts, garlic, 30 g. Parmesan and 30 gr. Pecorino. Add a cup of extra virgin olive oil, salt and mix well.
Tip:  Add a dash of the Testaroli water to the pesto.

Testaroli!!! Nick Garrett freshly dashed onto the plate

Testaroli finished!

  • –  So essentially make a nice omlette with the usual ingredients – a little EVO, Parmigiano ela la la… finish golden brown.
  • –   Cut into nice palm sized squares.
  • –   Toss into pre boiling water with salt and EVO – 2-4 minutes
  • –   Strain and slip into the fresh Pesto in the Testaroli (or large skillet)
  • – Serve with drizzle EVO and fresh youngish grated Parmesan (20- 24mths)
Enjoy, Nick Garrett – PGT



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