Villino di Porporano

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“One word “superb””2 May 2011  John1164
“Attention to detail….”30 Apr 2011  RegularsGreece-v2

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Villino di Porporano

Via Bodrio 26, 43123 Parma, Italy
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5 of 5 stars
Date of review: 2 May 2011

My wife and I stayed here for a week with our two small children. Elena makes the stay feel like you are staying with relatives in Italy. We travel often to Europe, and very often to Italy since I have family there and I have to say this is the best B&B I have stayed at in it lay. Elena…

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Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

1 contribution

5 of 5 stars
Date of review: 30 Apr 2011

What a lovely B&B this was. Beautiful rooms, fantastic breakfast and Elena is really friendly and helpful. A little bit outside of Parma, but not really a problem. The attention to detail really impressed us. Lovely little welcome chocolates, divine smelling amenities in the bathroom and every little detail looked after (even a travel toothbrush if you happened to forget…

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