by Parma Golosa on Sunday, 22 May 2011 at 19:46
A day dedicated to volunteering and social solidarity. This sense of celebration of the gift of life, now came to his thirtieth year. It is always growing, so this year, groups of donors (organs, bone, blood, cord blood and then Adas, bring, Admo, Aido, Avis and Vigatto Parma) have merged into a single coordinator called Can Do.

The day, in which entire cities were held and organized events to raise awareness on the value of giving and volunteering, is open fo all to share , the convention center of Parma “The gift is life, life is a gift ‘ .

Among the many guests Giovanna Pisi, director of the cystic fibrosis center of Parma, Paolo Stefanini, local coordinator for the donation of organs and tissues to the hospital of Parma, Gino Vespa, the Governing Council of La Liga Italian cystic fibrosis and protagonist of the film ‘To the west is a breath of new life “(screened last night at the Barilla Center). They have taken their messages from even people in the world of medicine and religion, such as Ermanno Mazza, educator, Luana Randis, psychologist, Eugenia Hyacinth, a psychologist, Luciano Scaccaglia, theologian. All moderated by Gabriele Balestrazzi, the Gazzetta di Parma.

“At the time of care at the center of Parma, there are 140 patients, also from surrounding towns – said the Flats -. It ‘s a genetic disorder that affects 1 in 3500, with disastrous consequences in everyday life. Diagnosis is made in the first months of life. And the only hope to increase the survival of those affected is the lung, a rare and very problematic.


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