Cantine aperte 2011, Lamoretti

Giovanni Lamoretti ci guida tra le vigne della sua azienda agricola, in località Casatico di Langhirano. Uno dei prodotti di cui va più fiero è la Malvasia di Candia aromatica, realizzata anche dagli allievi dei corsi di vendemmia che la ditta organizza per appassionati e turisti enogastronomici. (foto Marco VasiniGUARDA


Today is the Open Cellars day across Italy see Parma‘s great vineyards here…

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Cantine Aperte 2011, all information and complete list of producers. See which companies participate in cellars Open 2011

Open Cellars 2011 
28/05/2011 – 29/05/2011
Food & Wine Events

Punctual as every year, the expected return date with Cantine Aperte, national event promoted by the Movimento Turismo del Vino, in collaboration with more than 1000 wineries scattered throughout the Italian territory.

With the 2011 edition of “Cantine Aperte, participating companies will come to life with tastings, dinners to match, guided tours and much more.

With the 18th edition of the member companies of the Movimento Turismo del Vino, will open its doors to the public, thus promoting direct contact with the vast audience of fans.

Open Cellars has become with time the biggest event on the wine country, with staggering numbers: the 2010 Open Cellars of over a million fans or just curious have flocked to the wineries throughout Italy.

In each winery owners will be waiting with open arms to show you their cellar and taste their best wines. You can buy the wines directly from the farm, participate in tours and tastings every other initiative suggested by the imagination of the owners.


We created the comprehensive guides to wineries opened in 2011, with all companies that participate, and ergione divided by province.

On each page is dedicated to a different region, not only tyrovete elelco of companies that participate, but also a brief description of ciuscuna store and events at wineries open in 2011.

Here is the list of participating companies by region



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