Marcello Lambrusco of Parma, No1 Red Wine in the world!!!

Marcello Lambrusco of Parma, No1 Red Wine in the world!!!

“Marcello,” the best sparkling red wine in the world

Andrea Grignaffini

Andrea Bacci (1524-1600), author of one of the most important treaties on the Italian and European wines, the De Vinorum Natural History, wrote: “On the hills opposite the city of Modena Lambrusco vines are grown, whose grapes and white produce red wine and fragrant spices that make a delicious foam when poured into the glass. ”

The foam has been delicious, the territory has grown to Reggio Emilia, Mantova and Parma also gently at the bottom.
And in our province is taken off a new type of Lambrusco, which goes far beyond the attached Doc recently exploited alas too few: a red creamy, sweet and seductive, with all the features that make it alluring fruity and pleasant piacione that more can not.
Credit where credit is that to the Cantine Ceci first, with Othello is measured in this new dimension of wine making, in honor of Marcello Ceci Ariola who has placed his Marc on the roof of the world by the International Wine Challenge (10,000 wines to be tasted ‘about) that includes (only for gold medals, but there were also the silver and bronze, the entries and trophies) 405 wines, including 31 Italians and Lambrusco Marcello as the only bubbles, which the courts have appreciated “ intense color and deep, with a fresh nose of red berries. Cotton candy and ripe fruit on the palate with simple but fresh fruit.The sweetness in the finish is well balanced with fresh acidity. ”
A Marcello Ceci remarks: “The project Marcello was born in 2003 when I started the adventure with Ariola, the company formerly owned by Forte Rigoni. I had a fixed idea: to create a wine that I identified in all. A wine parmesan hundred percent, a strong character but at the same time soft and trying to enjoy a little ‘at all. Basically you must consider that my zodiac sign is Leo Leo ascendant. The first phase has been problematic, because starting from the raw material ie grapes, all the tests were postponed or modified the following year. Consequently, the time to get important results have been rather long. Beyond the satisfaction of the last two years between guides and prizes with the 2010 vintage I saw really made my dreams come true.Regardless of any opinion: the first taste after the first fermentation, I felt that we were faced with an excellent product. A feeling immediately supported by the Grand Gold Medal at the Vinitaly and now the International Wine Challenge in London in which Marcello was promoted to the world’s best sparkling red. “




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Mary Melzer · December 31, 2012 at 5:17 pm

When I visited Italy two years ago, Lambrusco quickly became my favorite wine.
I hope to be coming back soon as my parents were both born in the Parma and Modena region. I will certainly look for your wine. Sadly in Canada where I live, I cannot find Lambrusco of any kind very easily.
Keep up the great work.

    nickgarrett · January 1, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    That’s a shame also my be fav is Gutturnio from Piacenza region – a tad oakier than Lambrusco but as I write there’s a bottle nearly finished on the table! Look us up when you are over next. N

      Mary Melzer · January 1, 2013 at 4:45 pm

      I certainly will!!

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