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  • Parma: Piazza Duomo and Baptistery of Benedetto AntelamiParma: Piazza Duomo and Baptistery of Benedetto Antelami

Parma is a city of aristocratic traditions, important monuments and prized works of art.
Parma is, and has always been, a cultural capital.

Just think of all the illustrious people and acclaimed artists that contributed to the glory of the city:

Benedetto AntelamiCorreggioParmigianinoBodoni,BottesiniPaër,

Verdi and Toscanini.

Parma has also inspired poets and writers – the first of which was Stendhal who described the city in his book “La Chartreuse de Parme.”

Parma is unlike any of the other medium-sized city in Italy.  It is a special place.

Traces of every major period in art history and important civil institutions can be found in Parma.  The city was famous throughout Europe and attracted both the Farnese and Bourbon families.

Here it is... touch it, taste it!... Parma Golosa

By the 13th century, Parma was considered the “Athens of Italy” and was governed by the enlightened Marie Louise of Austria.

Parma is also known for its elegant social life and cultural fervor.

The city is home to a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit that is evident in local businesses and its convention center.
The people of Parma have refined palates and truly appreciate the beauty of good meal served in good company.
Many incredible Italian food products are produced in and around Parma.
All of these characteristics add to the city’s uniqueness.


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