Insight is an invaluable part of planning your Italian vacation trip.  Here Nick Garrett talks frankly about the best, and not so best places to stay around this fabulous little city.

Over the past 3 years I have picked up my tour clients from various locations across town and to be truthful I have not always been impressed by the reception staff of some prime hotel destinations.  However there are a few that really do excel and these are not boasting 4 or 5 stars like the vastly outdated Star Hotel du Parc – they are deserving however.

Immediately I am drawn to 2 destination stays:  Villino Porporano Bed and Breakfast and Palazzo dalla Rosa Pratti.

dimore storiche di Parma - Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati

First impression is a lasting impression and Vincenzo at PRP along with his close rank of staff are fabulous hosts. They ‘attend’ and on my first day picking up from this awesome quality overnight suite I was made to feel welcome.

Standing at the elegant gates looking out over the Piazza Duomo it felt really good to be at work (as it does most days of course).  On exploration I found the modern TCafe wing of the Palazzo and had a coffee and pastry in waiting.  Good coffee and sumptuous fresh brioche’… the bush fresh juices were noted  for next time.

Parking in town can be a little irksome and at PRP they try to iron that out for you.  There is a car park nearby but be sure to take the swipe card from reception as the access is a small but notable issue at times.

So that’s the best City destination by far. Five stars!

Stepping into the green and 10 minutes out of town on Strada Traverstelo is Villino Porporano, simply the most delightful rustic Villa BnB.

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The whole place has the magic charm and touch of Elena who I think is an interior design genius… along with most Italians it seems.

The place oozes quality and the facilities are exquisite – it is not expensive to boot!

Morning will greet you with the warm aromas of freshly ground coffee and baked pastries.  The house spaniel and labrador waddle about the gorgeous garden and the whole place is alive with … relaxation. Beyond the fence… fields: green, green fields.

For an out of the city spot Villino is simply adorable.

Five stars!

These two destinations are simply places I have made acquaintance with via my daily tours.  My hope on these days together is that you find a special experience and quality time out… discover the tastes. The same too with these places.  My hope is that you taste the special qualities they both share.

Viva la Parma… intown and out.

Nick PGT

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