View of the city skyline showing Il Duomo and Il Campanone

view of Pontremoli, Toscana, Italia

view of Pontremoli, Toscana, Italia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pontremoli comes alive when you enter the alleyways…

A large number of churches are situated in Pontremoli and these provide the main cultural sights of the city. One of these is the Church of San Nicolò which houses a wooden cross, dating back several centuries.

There are also several buildings concerned with the past noble families of Pontremoli. The major site is the Castello del Piagnaro, one of the largest castles of Lunigiana.


Local foods unique to Pontremoli include “amor” (a type of small cake, consisting of a creamy filling between wafers), “spongata” (a Christmas cake containing chocolatehoney and hazelnuts, among other ingredients), “torta d’erbe” (a bietole (swiss chard), eggs, ricotta cheese, and parmigiano cheese-based pastry) and “testaroli” (a flat oven baked egg omlette pasta, often served with pesto). Many have suggested that the latter was actually the first type of pasta.

Wild boar is a surprisingly common feature of many restaurant menus. Each October sees a “Mushroom and Chestnuts Festival” take place in the city; there are a number of restaurants which specialise in dishes using local mushrooms, as is the custom of the region.


I testaroli
 … I testaroli

Testaroli!!! Nick Garrett freshly dashed onto the plate

Testaroli finished!

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