Below shows the Parma ‘Bar Gianni’ meeting point for drivers arriving from A1 Autostrada:  44.836049,10.33748

 .. exiting A1 at the ‘PARMA’ turn off (NOT Parma Ovest) Distance to destination 300 yards.

Proceed through toll gates.

Stay in the right hand lane. Rounding the first right bend after a few yards(beware of lane jostling here), you will see a large car park on the right, Petrol/Gas station dead ahead and.. after 100 meters/yards you will see a new Petrol station car wash which partially obscures the Avis and Bar Gianni sign a little…

Click to enlarge: Approach Petrol station turn right just before it.

Ah Darn it!! If you miss the turning don’t worry, just pull into the gas station and walk 10 metres to Bar Gianni.

See you there! PGT

Note: Bar Gianni and Petrol station are newly built and may not show on the Google maps but the pin and Geo location is exactly correct on-site.

 Garman and Sat Nav co-ords: 44.836049,10.33748

ZOOM in the Map Below>>

Toll to Gianni Panoramic view

Jpeg Bar Gianni map detail

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