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Our Organic Balsamico Tradizionale tour day is incredible… the beauty of the landscape, aromas, history, process and setting completely saturates the senses.

”When I see my tourists relax during the Parmigiano tour first thing in the morning I just think by the time they get through lunch and into the Balsamico tour they’ll be completely overwhelmed by the beauty…”

Photo: The Balsamico tasting

We arrive at the estate at about 2.30pm and start with a walk through the ageing barrels area – Balsamico has a beautiful rich aroma when it first starts it’s ageing process which is always a popular surprise… the barrels drip and ooze so we usually get tasting there and then… the rich aceto must is divinely sweet.

Photos of Parma Food n Walk Tours, Parma
This photo of Parma Food n Walk Tours is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The estate stretches up into the glorious hills above Reggio with Olive and vineyards disappearing across the horizon in all directions.

There’s no preparing for this part of the day… other than huge expectation – just take it and make it yours for ever.  Because your expectations will be exceeded and won’t possibly forget it in this lifetime!

The day ends with the tasting of the 3 ages of Balsamico… and if you wish a sip of pink Champagnola.


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