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  –  your 3 Kings tour day starts with  

‘The King of Cheeses’

Our much revered Parmigiano Reggiano Tour

Your FWT day starts with an incredible visit to one of the most revered makers of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.   You will be amazed when you enter the cooking room to watch behind the scenes, the master and his family, cookingseparating the rich whey and lifting this magnificent DOP product. Here among countless row of wheels is where the  richest aroma enlivens the senses we learn how the Consorzio  test and skillfully hammer each and every wheel before the ritual of fire branding. Parmesan on sugar maple / parma golosa tours  Of course the tour is not complete until we watch the masters lift the wheels and celebrate the birth of the King of cheese. The best part of all! … we taste this wonder with a dash of honey, balsamico and if we can twist you arm, a refreshing glass of crisp Malvasia white wine. A truly special start to our fabulous Food n Walk tour day. Tour starts 9am (duration 2 hrs)

Food preparation takes place 365 days per annum. Non-slip footwear is advised – thong flip-flops are not suitable as some floor areas are wet.

2.  The Prosciutto di Parma tour

…Langhirano Parma Ham 100% natural, it’s in the air!


Our second destination is equally awe inspiring as the first… the stunning drive and vinyard ascent is a photographers dream! We have found a real treasure, a remarkable curing workshop of Prosciutto di Parma. Located high above the Langhirano valley  in the heart of the Parma Ham DOP production area, .

It’s all in the AIR

It is the along these Apennine foothills that conspire to create the unique conditions necessary to cure only genuine Parma Ham. They say just salt, air and time is needed… Italian Hams Prosciutto di Parma, Golosa culinary tours But there is something else perhaps most fascinating of all that characterises this great legendary product: the abiding union between Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma. We will see where the fresh haunches are selected an salted, visit the cooling, salting and “resting” rooms, each emulating the traditional annual curing seasons.

Please Note: most days the Prosciutto workshop  is a buzz with activity – On weekends this may not be the case.  We have access to the factory and will see all the processes for the gourmet Parma Ham.

Lunch is served!  Your afternoon delight!

the Parma hillside lunch venue


Above: OMGG!!!  Tortelli D’erbetta – finished in butter and Parmigiano Reggiano

Our lunch destination is above the Parma Ham Valley – simply the best lunch in Italy

And for a special treat – a world number one DOC traditional dry Lambrusco with full nectar nose, rich berry flavours and fresh clean finish.  Other wines include Malvasia, all grown in theimmediate  surrounding hills.
Please request any special dietary requirements.

3.  The amazing Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale RE 

Our final destination Balsamico settles your day in the most perfect way.

The world’s greatest Balsamico producer

 … visit the Aceto batteria, the Vineyards and the hillside vistas… the incredible flavours finish our paradise 3 Kings tour.


(Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia)

We are proud of our Balsamic tour because it is a rare location: special and utterly unique.

Another wow … a truly ancient world of the wine and balsamico maker.  Firstly you will see the splendid acres of surrounding vineyards and be guest of this renowned supplier of top outlets across the world. The consorzio for this original DOP Balsamico product dates back to the 11th century. First mentioned in historical writings in 1046 (da Piacenza), Balsamico is a real elixir for all Gourmet lovers, chefs or slow food fans.

After this tour you will never confuse it with ordinary Balsamic Vinegar.

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale it is produced solely from the finest grapes and never from soured wine vinegar like its Modenese industrial counterpart. The sweetest white Trebbiano grapes are used to make this nectar, naturally grown and hand harvested – only the finest are selected by taste from the vineyard. You will visit the Balsamic Must maturing rooms and the batteria lofts and taste 15 year old, 22 and 28 year old Balsamico from the antique barrels. This sweet elixir helps you savour and digest a truly great day you will remember  for years to come.

  3 Kings Tour price summary 

Tour Starts
8.45am finishes around 3.30pm
We can come to you at your Parma Hotel or meet at a designated 3 Kings meeting point
Beautiful days


Prices on application – our prices are the most competitive in Emilia Romagna

The day tour includes

  • 1. Parmigiano Reggiano – visit a small family producer
  • coffee option
  • 2. Parma ham – one of Parma’s leading Prosciutto makers – extra tastings
  • 3. Balsamico Tradizionale –  dropping in on a small truly artisan maker
  • In The Castle battlement restaurant or Vineyard:  Light tastings or Gourmet lunches – fresh fine produce and wines
  • Castle photo call
  • Vineyard stroll

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