New York love: “made in Parma”

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New York loves all things “made in Parma”

The Big Apple knows all about food and adores salumi Parma and besides there is a strong post WW2 link between the two cites, most famously the links with Prov. Parma’s Apennine town of Berceto.

Berceto, The Foundation was born nearly 40 years ago when Father John was born Bonardi, after almost 50 years of missionary work in China (its mission was started in 1904!), As the father Xaverian, met his brother, emigrated from Berceto in the United States, in New York.

Interview with Nick Garrett FWT tour manager

Since then, the Foundation is active in Berceto unite and bring together the many immigrants of the Apennines, organizing a series of charity events.Proceeds from these events are intended for activities of the Xaverian Missionaries of Parma and the rest house of Berceto. Over the years the festival has been organized in many prestigious clubs of the American metropolis: they remember the splendors of the Glen Island Casino, the White House, to arrive at the famous Ricardo Restaurant in Astoria, New York.

During these festivals, people speak Italian, we remember the traditions, meet new friends, eat according to the tradition of the mountains of Parma, listening to traditional music and dance style Valtaro Musette.

The now famous Parmacotto, has become one of the most exclusive restaurants of glamorous Manhattan, it stands among the ‘top-rated places ” of the ” Zagat NYC Food Lover’s Guide 2011/12′.

Translated, for those who know not Bazzichi the Big Apple, this is an edorsement of great note. The “Food Lover’s Zagat NYC” is in fact the authoritative guide on the classification of the eateries in New York according to the rating of selected “For food lovers” –  a valuable guide for those wishing to venture out on the streets of New York in search of Parma’s Italian food delicacies.


“Foods” of NYC

Having been recommended by Zagat Guide, the Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto Manhattan wins the new award: the election with honors from more than 6,000 lovers of good food as the best shop in New York to buy and taste the delicious Italian foods and specialty delicatessen products. With an accent of course on the typical Parmesan products.
Now Rosie Parmacotto with its 300 seats has been able to interpret the spirit and the taste of Italian cuisine thanks to the menu prepared by Chef Cesare Casella, the witness ofItalian cuisine in the Big Apple. Among the regulars, it is not unusual to see Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen and Jude Law. Famous’ lovers’ tastes’ made in Parma.

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