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“”A Day In Paradise””

From the moment Nick came to ‘collect us’ -because we got lost, we knew we had the right guy! He brought us to watch and learn about the birth of Parmesan cheese. I wish that I could include the smells in this review! We ended the cheese tour in the shop dipping Parmesan in Balsamic and honey-stop drooling because it only gets better! (I bought cheese and honey in the shop and have been enjoying it ever since!) We then moved onto a fantastic coffee shop where we got to sip exquisite coffee and chat with the extremely friendly locals-when in Italy!!! We followed Nick through a gorgeous valley and into majestic hills to the Prosciutto factory where we learned about the techniques of prosciutto de Parma production. It was a simple and yet very complicated tale that ends in the most delectable ham I have ever tasted!

Next, lunch at a castle, no less, where we ate a large plate of local hams/meats, a divine plate of homemade ravioli in Parmesan butter and drank local wine! It was also a terrific social time and we laughed with Nick as he told us stories about the area, food and life in Italy. But it didn’t end there, after this gastronomic experience we went to an estate that produced balsamic vinegar. I liked balsamic before but now I am IN LOVE with balsamic. I don’t think that I had ever tasted real balsamic before this tour. To learn about the process made it even more seductive and elegant…yes, I said seductive and elegant and you will too when you have a few drops on your tongue! I bought some balsamic while I was there as well and have been enjoying at home on salads, with cheese and over melon gazpacho!

Nick was an amazing tour guide! His ability to hold our attention and communicate in Italian, to the superior locals we met along the way, made our tour an unforgettable experience! I would recommend Nick and his Parma Food n Walk tour to anyone anywhere! I can’t wait to come back and do another! We love you Nick!!


Wow you brought back the memories of our great day together!!! It was superb… and for sure your beautiful review will help people understand just what it’s like out there in these special places … take care, be happy, stay off the side roads and see you when you get back over to paradise! Hugs to all. L Nick :))



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