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Parma’s Treasures: Our 3 Kings tour, a gourmet Parma Food journey:

Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and Aceto balsamic vinegar, all the best DOP products await your arrival.

Our day starts with a visit to one of the truly rustic traditional makers of Parmigiano 
Reggiano cheese, made following the same trusted methods just as it was 700 years ago.

You will watch the family cooking, separating the yellow whey and lifting this magnificent DOP product into cheesecloth for the cutting. The shaping and salting rooms are equally enthralling as we begin to realise the enormous amount of care and daily toil this product requires. Moving on from the salting vaults we enter the ageing room: the stagionatura. 

Here among the maturing golden wheels is where the fullest, richest aroma, ignites the senses as we learn how after 12 months, the Consorzio experts, taste, test and skilfully hammer the cheeses before the ritual of branding. Finally, we taste.

We then head off on a fascinating journey to a renowned Prosciutto di Parma curing house, in the lush, picturesque highlands of the Langhirano valley, all about run the true Lambrusco nero vineyards Via Francigena paths and salt smugglers trails. The air floods the heartland of the Parma Ham DOP production area but more than that perhaps it is the nutritious Parmesan whey that produces the creamy, rich, melting textures of Italy’s most famous cured ham. 

Our lunch settles us into the perfect point of reflection as we taste the treasures and sip the fantastic Malvasia crisp fresh white frizzante wine. In the castle we eat Michelin restaurant with award winning dishes.

The final destination is a gleaming jewel in the crown. First mentioned in writings in 11th century, DOP Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale is the missing link for all gourmet and slow food fans. Never to be confused with ordinary Balsamic Vinegar, this Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale is produced solely from the best sweet white Trebbiano grapes in an organic estate that is simply a wonder of nature.

We stand in a 500 year old aromatic loft, gaze and sip the wonder.

Duration: 5.5hrs




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