Your cherished food tour of Parma is in expert hands


With over 20 years food industry experience between us we are Caterina Conforti and Nick Garrett forming a fresh new Italian tour option with the best, crafted Parmigiano Reggiano and DOP product tours.

An Eataly or Slow Food fan and want to do a super tour? Why not join us for a great trip in Italy. Your Italian trip to Parma is equally important to us and we remain committed to client and vendor excellence – we were both full-time senior guide-hosts, delivering these tours formerly with Parma Golosa 2007-2011.

We have been highly selective with our tour destinations, creating carefully tailored tours with the involvement of only special, bespoke vendors – and we are now recently listed on

Caterina was born into the Parma food industry – a laureate in Languages, her grandfather Paride Conforti was head of Agricultural Consortzio in 1930′s her family were producers of DOP: Dairy, Parmigiano, Salame and Tomato production, in Parma until 2009.  Tomatoes and good food are in her blood!

Nick owned 2 bistro cafes in Perth Australia and has a background in design, branding and tourism – spent his childhood running around the family dairy farm in Wooten Bridge on the Isle of Wight, UK. Passionate about food, cooking and meeting new people, now spends his days running around the dairy farms of Parma.

We believe this is one of the very best tours in Italy and have worked in this field for some years.

Until 2011 we were both full-time senior tour managers with PGT 2007-2011 building a strong client reputation over the years (take a look at our Tripadvisor reviews). It was a great experience and one that forms the basis of our desire to improve n share a super tour experience of the Parma foods.

Travel in Italy is a joy and all this wonderful tradition is in our heritage. We’ll open the doors, explain the whole process, the technical detail, origins and traditions, make your trip in Italy special.

Parma’s unique food production areas are open to us – a super tour day awaits, changing the way you view your daily bread forever.

Caterina and Nick Garrett

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