Your FWT food tour of Parma is an undisguised revelation

Join FWT tours with Nick Garrett and Caterina Conforti – Parma’s most reviewed tour guides on Tripadvisor


With over 20 years food industry experience between us we are Caterina Conforti and Nick Garrett forming a fresh new Italian tour option with the best, crafted Parmigiano Reggiano and DOP product tours.

..Our artisan makers ensure this is one of the very best tours in Italy.  Our close associations with experts in the industry allow us a unique view on exactly what’s going on…

Taking a tour with most companies around Emilia Romagna will give tourists a glimpse of the fine artisan skills or the region. Today more than every a glimpse is not enough.

True lies and lost in translation

Your tour guide is talking and it doesn’t quite ring true…

Most of out clients have seen or read up about the products and come to us with a good understanding of the fantastic foods we visit – so they know when a guide is giving it the big one!

I hear it all the time… over the years some absolute rubbish!

The cheese has to be cut exactly the same size so that it fits the mould exactly… (a recent one I heard a Parma guide say – which is complete none-sense: and the tourists knew it…)

But it is true to say that most of the consorzio information is tailored to filter certain details in order to protect the manufacturing processes of their goods.

For sure there is a lot of mis-information on for example the Consorzio for Parmigiano Reggiano website – especially when it comes to feed and actually there’s simply not enough information about the range of traditional and modern feeding programs at large in the DOP.

Who you know

Our families have worked in the industry… our cousin is a chemist responsible for the analysis of cold cut products of Parma, our firm friend is a grower for the Parmesan herd feed.  Our father is a former dairy owner.

But most importantly the fact that I am from UK my own perspective goes beyond the protective layer and frankly pride of the local Italian guides… how many times I have seen a regional guide stumped by a question only to answer it with a string of patter…

If I’m asked a question I cannot answer… hands up… no BS.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen that often – but I really welcome it as an opportunity to research.

So in absence of that all too familiar ego and pride yet with an abundance of respect and love, I go about giving juicy chunks of memorable information that encapsulates absolutely fascinating and often fun facts.

Guides and our philosophy

Our method of communicating is also novel to most local companies:  straight, clear, honest…

One celebrated Parma guide asked to come along with us because she could see a new dynamic whenever we delivered tours… we welcomed her on board.

It’s not so much a new way or technique it just does away with the outdated idea that tourists are to be talked at…

Truly Person centred tours

True we place the client first… true I empathise with their interests and preferences… are they visual? or oral listeners or both… or none!! The days of the megaphone tour guide are gone!

Our first objective is to listen… then share: the whole truth and nothing but.

Integrity:  Only you… can make my dream come true…

I hate sitting at the table for lunch and another tour company arrives with a guide that I know very well who sends out a look to kill and starts a wholesome cycle of atmospherics… that’s why our tours don’t share destinations with any others. Other Parma tour groups do… and frankly it’s a disaster.

Arriving at a destination with a coach-load of competitor agency tourists is no way to honour a client’s needs and right to quality.

Integrity is cornerstone to your great day.

So drawing a summary we have to say that the advantage FWT enjoy is the ability to stand in the clear, away from the crowd and speak with knowledge and cultural clarity about the products you have come a long way to experience.

Caterina and Nick Garrett

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