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We are Caterina Conforti and Nick Garrett  we were both full-time senior guide-hosts, delivering these tours formerly with Parma Golosa 2007-2011.

Our Client Centred Tours

Strengths:  Integrity, Quality Guides, 5 years continual tour leader experience, person centred tours, best price point. Unique Historical destinations, guides have most Tripadvisor reviews in Parma

Weakness:  In 6 months of touring Tripadvisor reviews need to build up.

Opportunity:  Creative variations, client loyalty, stay ahead, reward staff, new tours, special offers and prizes, upgrade media

Threat:   Rain, eating and drinking too much


Having run the Golosa tours for 5 years we have a great depth of experience, Tripadvisor reputation and rapport with our own FWT makers.

FWT is not just a commercial agency with part-time guides, but a place where you can be sure of the best attention to detail, where you can relax and take everything at your own leisure.

Our challenge is to maintain the desire to do the best and be the best.

Quality and detail first – the people count

You’re gonna be with us the whole day so it’s important to understand where we excel ‘n beat the opposition.

  • Real communication
  • Open Cultural insights
  • Honest no bull – 

I constantly work at how to best facilitate your day, whether it be an extra umbrella, tissues or fresh water on hand… these comfort details really count and make us different to the many.


Pricing:  I think it’s fair to say the cost of our regular and premium tours reflect the challenge we set ourselves.

  • Best price-point
  • Best service
  • Best quality

We believe this is one of the very best tours in Italy and value your feedback

Parma’s unique food production areas are open to us – a super tour day awaits, changing the way you view your daily bread forever.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Caterina and Nick Garrett


Caterina is a laureate in Languages, her grandfather Paride Conforti was head of Agricultural Consortzio in 1930’s her family were producers of DOP: Dairy, Parmigiano, Salame and Tomato production, in Parma until 2009.  Tomatoes and good food are in her blood!  14 reviews Tripadvisor

Nick has a background in design, branding and tourism – spent his childhood running around the dairy farm on the Isle of Wight, UK. Passionate about food, cooking and meeting new people, now spends his days running around the dairy farms of Parma. 24 Reviews Tripadvisor

For a great Italian Trip contact us:  info@foodnwalktours.com


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