Extraordinary that all our tourist clients absolutely love Parma and that when they asked their vacation planner back home to include Parma in the itinerary the response is ”Why Parmaaa?”

The truth n secret is out there and well kept because Parma has a wealth of interesting places to visit including great art, romance, fashion, music and the finest food and wines on the holy planet…

Hmm… so why is Parma left off the field of vision?

”I think it’s because most tour companies in the states are run according to right brain principles… and also a lots of Italian specialist agencies may be sporting a healthy dis for competitor regions… Bolognese local will always promote Bologna and never Parma for example… this regional competition is alive today like never before..” Nick Garrett food n walk tour host.

It’s a frank insight and keen observation often so typical of the overseas resident in Italy…a cultural inside view only found in the ex-pat.

”An overseas resident can see these things… share the info and promote outlying regions.. take the Parma commune of Berceto, totally unknown but a great place to visit up in the hinterland of Emilia Romagna-Tuscany, the heart of Porcini land and fine everything from honeymoon cabin getaways (Podere le Chiastre), food, walks and bistros (Manubiola) – but it’s off the vacation visitor radar”.

The local fame of these destinations is entirely by word of mouth and in Italy that really means the place is the real beautiful deal.

You can visit Parma all year round and join the clan who return to share is genuine quiet yet exquisite magic.


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