The famous Prosciutto di Parma’s brand, the one with the distinctive 5 point Crown, is now 50 years in the making.

1963, saw the birth of the ‘Consorzio del prosciutto Tipico’ which started the adventure of the brand, still known all over the world and appreciated as a symbol of the very best in cured hams. ‘Since 1963, says Paolo Tanara, Chairman of the Consorzio Prosciutto di Parma – today we have come a long way through a thousand popular hits and some inevitable difficulties. In 1963 there were only 23 companies that branded 53,000 hams per year. Today we have about 160 producers responsible for the incredible 9 million Parma hams produced each year with a turnover nearly a billion and a half euros ‘. To celebrate the 50 years of the brand, the Consortium has involved students of the liceo artistico Toschi di Parma, who challenged each other in a competition for the brand of the 50th anniversary: the winner is Alberto Nisica, 19 years old from class VA, which drew up the logo while maintaining the original form and transforming the number 50 in a kind of tape that wraps Parma. Which the award? Of course one Prosciutto di Parma!

Love Parma 72.

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