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NEW FEATURE  Extra balsamico tastings and inner world visit to the family of makers


Over the years, I have often day dreamed of going to see how the king of Italian cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano is made. To walk into a cool musty room lined with wheels of cheese stacked as high as they can go to the ceiling. To taste the various ages of cheese and compare their flavors- sweet, fruity, buttery, sharp.

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Our clients’ consistent request:

”a close-up view of the makers and their traditional process”  

FWT The Parma Cheese Tour

You’ve wanted to see these guys make the King of cheese for a while now?

When you arrive at the Parmesan workshop you will first enter the cooking room where you will see the maker and his assistant moving quickly and in silence like a choreographed routine, the warm cream milk assails.  The 8 copper vats of the world’s finest milk will be steaming, sending a glistening sweet cream dairy aroma into the air. 

Start your amazing day with us in these pages.

Discover how “the King of all cheese” is made in all it’s meticulous detail… grain by grain.  It is prepared in the very same way just as the inventors the Benedictine Monks would have wanted… You’ll see first hand the “making”, the salt pools and the “wheel cathedral ripening rooms”, walls of cheese!!

Thousands of wheels resting in the same Mapled place until perfect.

It is for all the World truly the Parma way.


Sharing the Legends of Past, Present and … 

FWT Parma Ham Days

Parma  Ham

Just the sauntering drive through the regal Langhirano valley is enough to ignite your interest in the Ham makers workshops.

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is the cleanliness of the pristine workshops and the fantastic aromas that develop through each maturing hall, nook and cranny.

You’ll see them all.

You will learn some amazing secrets about the finest ham in the world.  

Then you will taste them!!

Basking in the sun...

Basking in the sun…

Into the Secret Tunnel of Ham

Into the Secret Tunnel of Ham

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Parma ham 4

Yep it’s pretty amazing.. an FWT food tour of Parma

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• Parma 3 Kings lunch and tastings.

Lunch, a famous affair with Parma FWT

Lunch is a simply the most perfectly stunning treat – the menu full of the

traditional Parma delicacies spread out before you.  Relax now … relax.


Fresh fabulous lunch

Best we keep it secret until you receive your custom tour info pack.




Balsamico is the last unchanged 1000 year old treasure from medievil times. And with us you will walk through the ageing rooms and attic in a heavenly peak setting.


Angelo explains the myths and legends of Balsamico

It is, we feel, simply the finest of the finest moments…

You’ll love sampling the delights and standing in the company of such history… and it’s all at your pace. This is after all, your well earned, special day.


In the Morning

A journey into the past… discovering the secrets of the most famous products of the territory:

   –  Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese DOP – the rustic maker

   –  Prosciutto di Parma ham DOP  –  the bespoke master

   –  Balsamico Tradizionale DOP  –   the last makers

Just look at our fantastic Gourmet Lunch spread 

Gourmet  2 courses: all the Parma cold cuts, speciality dishes, 1 main (with Spinach or Ricotta ravioli and home made fresh morning Porcini pasta), 2 wines, balsamico, dolce e cafe.

Full Gourmet 3 courses with Spinach and Ricotta ravioli and home made fresh morning Porcini pasta: all the regional cold cuts, speciality dishes, 2 mains, 2 wines, balsamico, dolce e cafe.

The afternoon

Visit the incredible Balsamico makers with tastings.

HOW WE COMPARE We visit a private, reputable producers of truly authentic country DOP products. 100% satisfaction is our bottom line.

More Detail


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