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Tutti i prodotti serviti sono acquistabili.
Accesso per gli ospiti di Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati dal cortile interno.

Food specialties at the heart of Parma


One of the key spots in Tpalazzo, adjacent to the ‘Battistero’, Tcafé is a unique place to relax, thumb through International newspapers at leisure and taste our truly unique specialties. Furniture by Vitra within the ancient setting enhanced by a careful renovation, the best products selected from around the world, the most renowned cocktails that give life to the Happy T Hour: all this turns Tcafé into a magical meeting place.

TCafè opens to the town of Parma and welcomes all to its informal atmosphere and outstanding aesthetic appeal, for people who want to relax as if they were in a friend’s place lounge, sipping an aperitif, making small talk or reading a good book. All this in the beautiful setting of ‘Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati’ and the ‘Battistero’ of Parma.

The charm of this literary café at the heart of Parma is married with top-quality products that are carefully selected among the best products from all over the world and can be not only tasted but also purchased.

Here are some of the specialties you will always find at TCafè:

  • Jamaican roasting coffee
  • The Mariage Frères
  • Alain Milliat Fruit juices
  • Monin Syrups
  • Chartreuse Liqueurs
  • Baladin Beers
  • Triple A Wines
  • Pata Negra Ham
  • S. Ilario raw ham 36 months
  • The best cheese selection from all over the world

Services for showrooms and conference rooms
Within its 8 prestigious rooms, which you can select from and combine according to your needs, Tpalazzo hosts events, art and design exhibits, one-shot sales of top brands, meetings, conferences, parties and cocktail parties.

The space of Tcafé can be used for hosting events and our staff is eager to manage breakfasts, catering service, coffee breaks, business lunches, aperitif breaks and tastings of particular products for you business.

TCafé is open daily from 8am to 9pm. Opening times can be modified in case of particular events.

Technical features:

  • Bar: coffee machine, fridge, bar, showcase fridge, glass washer, ice-maker.
  • Lighting system automation. Suitable for expositions, it can be modified and widened.
  • Sound system.
  • Audio and video system arrangement.
  • Independent heating and air-conditioning system.
  • Videosurveillance system.
  • Anti-intrusion system.
  • Availability of the outdoor space, next to the ‘Battistero’ in the alley facing the building, for organizing events, parties or cocktail parties.
  • Possibility to supply and manage bar staff.
  • Possibility to serve as a support to and collaborate with the restaurant inside the ‘Palazzo’.

Food n Walk Tours of Parma

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(all prices are expressed in euros)

The 3 Kings day is an ever popular tour – with 3 top DOP destination Ham Cheese Balsamico – full Michelin Gourmet Lunch, Malvasia Wine tasting,  finish around 4.00pm in Reggio
All tours are customisable


Quality Destinations Budget Tour for couples 

–  cost savings on the Light Lunch option: Buy yr own WTG

3 best DOP destinations Ham Cheese Balsamico & Tastings – finish 3.30pm in Reggio

Tours are customisable


Food specialties – a new cafe in Piacenza

Christian Possenti’s new bar in Piacenza ooozes charm, detail and great tastes.

Christian Possenti’s new bar just opened in Piacenza oooozes charm and great tastes.

Having worked in the most popular bars in town Christian picked up keen nose for great wines and choice foods. I was immediately impressed with the Ortrugo classic white Piacentini frizzante , crisp, full middle, delicate fruits, with a nice clean finish.

Having tried his pastas the carbonara is nicely done and in particular the risotto al fungi went down very well on my second lunch visit.

Nice touches include the genuine nature of the chap and his close knit staff and as I watched him pop a couple of slices of pizza into an elderly lady’s bag who was evidently down on the heel he certainly went up yet another notch.

Nice work, design, tastes, nice guy and great touches.

Cafe del Tarocco 16 Via Chiaponne, Piacenza, Italy

So if you land in Milano Linate, finding yourself on the A1 Autostrada pull drop by Piacenza enroute and enjoy a refreshing taste of Italy – 40 minutes from Linate between Milan and Parma.

Caffe del Tarocco pc spaghetti-carbonara.

Above: Spaghetti Carbonara – delicious rich al dente

Below: A young food professional Christian Possenti is native to Pc and has a real eye for detail and serves great artesan produce – his Ortrugo is second to none!

Piacenza cafes   menu board show range and value

 bar Tarroco Piacenza

 bar Tarroco Piacenza Christian Possenti and pappa

Bar Tarocco Piacenza Christian Possenti and pappa

Getting there: head into Piazza Duomo and take the street (Via Chiapponi) in the corner opposite the Cathedral which connects to Piazza sant’Antonino

The Dubliners Irish pub, Piacenza

Just around the corner from bar Tarocco is the Irish Pub, the Dubliners:  Via San Siro 24, 29100, Piacenza +39 0523 336791

Here you will find all the local treats and those one expects from the Green shores.

Murphy’s is the brew and I found it to be not a bad drop, in particular from the half pint glass as it keeps a tighter taste going.  Nice and fresh and the boy’s keep the pipes clean as it were…

Nice suprise was the quality of lunch oh and I forgot… breakfast. Yep the guys serve fresh bakes, pastries, brioche and a really nice blend of caffe.

Quite a suprise and well worth one for you to share.

Dubliner Pc

Cappuccino in the morning is great in the Dubliner!

Lunch with Tuna salad on red sweet Oranges and Fennel… with a Murphy’s Red…

Tuna salad Dubliner lunch

At night… it comes alive with a rich lively atmosphere, sports TV, music, hot food, tasty Panini!

… regazzi di Piacenza!

Nite life in Dubliners

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