The bespoke Val Trebbia Tour

Food Tours in Italy, Piacenza, Parma,

Discover Regal Province Piacenza…

it’s time to taste it!

Arriving in Milan and want to taste Italy immediately?

You have to do this easy morning tour!  For less than 80 euros!

Welcome to King Grana Padano cheese tour pages.  We are a leading tour company in Emilia Romagna and now offer a stunning stop off tour and lunch in a truly hidden hillside gem of Province Piacenza.

Featuring the making of this amazing regional rustic cheese, local foods and superb wines.


Where We Are

Scroll back image enlarged – just 40 minutes away from a great tour.

FWT presents an amazing chunk of Italy filled to the brim with sensational food and wines, history, art, castles and fantastic scenery – hitherto unknown to tourists outside Italy.

It’s our home and passion!

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